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Cost of Living

Cost of living

Living in Denmark is considered to be quite expensive. One of the conditions for being granted a residence permit for studies is that you can prove that you will have enough money to cover your whole stay in Denmark as well as your tickets and tuition fee. The minimum sum required by the Danish Immigration Board is at present DKK 6000 per month. Please note that 1DKK equals to NRs.12.50 approximately.

Those, who are registered with the municipal civil registration office in Denmark, are automatically covered by Denmark's health insurance scheme after a period of six weeks. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you arrange for health insurance to cover any incidental medical bills for the first eight weeks of your stay - eight weeks in order to be sure to be covered by insurance in case the issue of the Danish Health Service card is to be delayed.

Price list detail below was given purely for guidelines.

Approximate prices for typical groceries:

Milk: 5-8 DKK (1 litre)

A loaf of bread: 6-16 DKK

Butter: 8-15 DKK for a package with 250 g

Eggs: ca. 12 DKK for a package with six eggs

Rice: 8-20 DKK a kg

Cheese: 30 DKK a kg and upwards

Lamb: 60-150 DKK a kg

Pork: 30-100 DKK a kg

Chicken/turkey: 30-100 DKK a kg

Soft drinks: 2-20 DKK (33 cl)

Beer: 3-7 DKK for Danish beer (33 cl) in a supermarket

Wine: 30- DKK for a bottle (75 cl)

Cigarettes: 35 DKK a package

The average budget per month could approximately be as follows:

Student accommodation: 1.900-2.500 DKK

Food and other necessities: 1.700-2.400 DKK.

Telephone: 400 DKK.

Leisure: 500-1.500 DKK.

Total: 4.800-6,000 DKK