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Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organisation (WNSO) Denmark is under construction. It will be fully functional with full of information soon. Nepalese Students' from Denmark are keen to flow information to those who wish to study in Denmark. Therefore here comes WNSO Denmark to support for further study. This site aim to provide fair and accurate information based on practical experiences from those who came to study in Denmark from Nepal. Decades has gone with lack of such practical information available to individual wishing to study abroad from Nepal which caused large number of Students being provided with wrong information from commission driven agents. Since government is unable to stop such practice and unable to setup government’s own information centre for those wishing to study abroad, unifying Nepalese students' under one umbrella is only solutions to share information to prevent dangerous tragedy. Therefore, like many other WNSO's member country, birth of WNSO Denmark is announced here today 22 May 2007 initiated by Mr Rohit Rimal.

Like we said above, more information is being collected. For the time being please find below small information which may be handy for those who wants quick reference.

WNSO Denmark has just born, so it is very small baby. We hope many Nepalese students studying in Denmark will join this great well-fare mission and help WNSO Denmark grow more quickly and make more strong and informative. Anyone wishing to join WNSO Denmark please send email to .

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