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Life style and living

Quality of life is a characteristic feature of the Danish society combining social security, a clean environment and an attractive business climate with high standards in education and research - also in an international perspective.

The infrastructure at most Danish Institutions of higher education are modern and hold excellent up-to-date facilities such as libraries, lecture-, class- and study rooms, labs, IT, canteens etc. Computers are available at the libraries, in computer rooms and, at some institutions, even in the corridors - all students have free access to these facilities. The libraries are public, thus, all students can borrow books, tapes, language learning materials and the like for free.

As most Danes speak English unlike many other European counterparts, you will find it easy to live in Denmark even though you do not speak any Danish. Approximately 80% of the population speaks English and many speak French, German or Spanish. When you go shopping, use public transportation and visit official buildings etc. you will find that you can manage well by using English.

Unlike other European countries you will not have to face language problems because here u can manage most of the thing with English but little bit knowledge of Danish language is preferred.