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Message from Nepalese students in Denmark to those who want to study in Denmark

Here we have put some of the information which are good for practical information for the students to study and live in Denmark but about the information like education system, institution, and application process is same as other European union country. Which includes diploma course(here called Academic Professional Degree) in general. Application process varies upon where you apply. The education system most of Nepalese have enrolled is Study 2 and half yrs in the business college same as diploma and then 1 and half year in University then my bachelor's degree is acquired. All of the people I know here are studying in Business College. Which I have mentioned in below and the tuition fee varies from 45000 DKK to 70000 DKK. And regarding application it may take up to 3 months after one has applied in the embassy. Studying in Denmark is very expensive. In general you need NRS. 5 - 8 Lakhs for the tuition fee per year and for living sixty to eighty thousand Nepalese Rupees per month (5000-6000 DKK).

If one has the job living would be supported but like tuition fee is not possible to pay by working here.

Regarding we the students here, we can support for living by ours elf but to pay tuition fee we need support from our family. In general total expense for coming to Denmark may cost up to 6 - 12 lakh. But most of the people who are trying to come here from Nepal think everything they can support expenses by working here which is totally wrong. So if we can make them understand Denmark is not for earning it is for learning then they will know the fact of Denmark and the Nepalese students would not face the problem coming here. Anyone who comes will come knowing the fact and they do not have to be shocked to find the wrong fact provided by consultancies in Nepal. Most of the people come here blindly thinking they can earn a lot here and study at the same time. So we hope we can convey the right message to the people coming to Denmark then the Nepalese wouldn't have to face the problem as they are facing here now.

Thanking You

WNSO Denmark Team.